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Fresh black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)
  • Fresh black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

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    The Tuber Aestivum truffle is one of the most common truffle species in the world. In addition, it is a gourmet pleasure for the warm summer time. The “summer truffle” or as in Piedmont also called “Scorzone” can be found between  June and November  in large parts of Europe, such as in Provence, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Albania, Hungary, occasionally in southern Germany and even in England.


      Tip: for the truffle fish we recommend our  Truffle oil to intensify the taste of the summer truffle.

      When ripe, the mushroom Tuber Aestivum is characterized by its very pleasant mushroom, delicate and earthy scent. It is reminiscent of the aroma of porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts. With this truffle z. B. fine egg dishes are prepared. This special type of truffle also goes very well with spices such as salt, pepper and garlic. You can recognize the summer truffle by its matt black skin, among other things. The gleba (mushroom meat) is ivory white to beige with a fine white veining. They adore squirrels and other small mammals. The behavior of these animals can be a guide to where exactly to look for these truffles. Mammals that live in caves, such as squirrels and some insects, participate in the truffle's development process by spreading its spores.

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      When putting together the sizes of the shipping units, as many 20g + truffles as possible are used.

      All prices including statutory VAT 10%,  plus  Shipping.

      Delivery time 1-2 days, shipping is refrigerated and by express.

    • Storage & shelf life:

      Remove the truffles from the vacuum after receiving them. In the + 3 ° degree refrigerator, wrapped in absorbent paper  (to be changed daily) or in a sealed glass container.  The noble products are best consumed within 7 days,  because the truffle loses its aroma every day.

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