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White truffle
  • White truffle

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    The queen of the truffles, also known as “Tartufo bianco del Piemonte” or “Tartufo bianco di Alba”, ripens between September and the beginning of January in its home in northern Italy, especially in Piedmont and Périgord in France. It can also be found in central Italy, southern France, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. Several large specimens have been found on the Danube in our country. This so-called "white truffle" is a very rare variety and is not cultivated or processed. This makes the white truffle the most expensive of the truffles. Depending on the harvest, the price can reach up to 4,000.00 US dollars per kilogram. Every year an auction takes place in the city of Alba, in the castle of Grinzane Cavour. There the best specimens of the season are presented and their price is determined individually.

    With its intense smell of garlic or wild garlic, shallots and soft cheese, it is a rarity among the gourmets of this world. They appreciate the Alba truffle as an essential ingredient in the finest dishes. Alba truffles are often used in Italian cuisine to give pasta and rice dishes an extravagant note with their strong aroma. This truffle is mainly used fresh in wafer-thin slices, as its taste and smell disappear when heated.

    It has a silk matt surface and this varies in color from a light ocher to dark creamy or greenish. The color of the pulp changes depending on which tree the truffle ripens under. Their extraordinary scent as well as the firm consistency and the ocher-colored marbling of their gleba (fruit pulp) are the hallmarks of the Alba truffle. The shelf life of these truffles is only a few days.


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