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Safran, Saffron

Saffron - the flower that connects the Orient and the Occident

Get to know the so-called "king of spices" and enjoy this unique delicacy. Let yourself be enchanted by the wondrous scent.

The incomparable and unique spice is the epitome of luxury, sensuality and pleasure. We only trade in saffron with highest quality. aromatic and tart-sweet. Refine your precious recipes with saffron and enjoy this unique spice.

The term saffron comes from the Arabic / Persian. Saffron is a crocus species that flowers purple in the fall. The saffron spice is extracted from the pistils of their flowers.

Saffron tastes bitter-tart-hot, which at normal dosage - unlike the typical smell - does not come to fruition, and contains carotenoids, especially Crocin, which are responsible for the fact that saffron-spiced dishes turn intense golden yellow.

To preserve the aromatic scent, saffron should not be cooked too long. It is recommended to soak the scar legs in a little warm water for a few minutes and add the liquid to the dish at the end of the cooking time. An even more intense color is obtained when the saffron threads are freshly mortared.

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Safran, saffron
Safran, saffron
Safran, saffron
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Whether for risotto, bouillabaisse or paella, saffron is the absolute indispensable spice. Saffron threads are the red scars of the saffron crocus, a small flower with violet-colored petals. Some threads are sufficient to give a dish a golden yellow color and the unique, earthy aroma. In our online shop, you can order this delicacy in different sized glasses also in wholesale quantities.


saffron of the highest quality

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