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Salmon fillet
  • Salmon fillet

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    Salmon fillet Cold smoked, hand filleted.

    Pamper your palate with our cold smoked salmon. The fish is mildly smoked according to a Russian recipe. This process guarantees a delicate taste.


    • ingredients

      Salmon salmon salar (origin Norway), salt, smoke. Without additives that are subject to labeling.


      Contains fish. May contain traces of soy, celery and mustard.

      Nutritional values for 100g:

      • Calorific value: 150 kcal.
      • Fat: 6g (of which 1g saturated fatty acid)
      • Carbohydrates: 2.1g (of which 0.1g sugar)
      • Protein 21.3g,
      • Salt 2.4g.

      Vacuum packed in PE bags

      Please store in a cool place after receipt and consume as soon as you leave!

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