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Kaviar Probier-Set (3x30g)

Kaviar Probier-Set (3x30g)

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Get to know Royal Caviar in the connoisseur set. Discover a selection of four of our best varieties in this set:

1x30g each Imperial Auslese, Ossetra Selection, Royal Baeri, mother-of-pearl spoon


    Imperial selection
    The noblest of the noble among connoisseurs. At the same time an ideal entry-level caviar. The selection is our "all-rounder"!

    Ossetra Selection
    Smaller grain, but wonderfully nutty in taste and with a magnificent play of colors. Ossetra is the pure embodiment of exquisite caviar culture!

    Royal Baerii
    Elegant, complex, very aromatic. Our Baerii is perfect for everyone who prefers intense caviar enjoyment.

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