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Royal Beluga Caviar

Royal Beluga Caviar

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This caviar, which comes from the “Huso Huso sturgeon”, is characterized by its plump, light gray to anthracite-colored roe with a wafer-thin skin. A real pleasure.


    Melts creamy and tender on the tongue.
    Grain size: 3.2 - 3.4 mm.
    Gray-black nuances.
    Absolute luxury caviar.

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    Original Beluga Caviar - Buy luxury caviar directly from the importer

    For a short time and just in time for the festival, we have been able to offer you the absolute luxury of caviar again. Beluga caviar is the most expensive and tastiest sturgeon roe on the entire caviar market. As the largest fish among the sturgeon, the beluga (Huso Huso) can score with some top performances.

    Our Beluga caviar is characterized by:

    • Large, firm grain with a grain size of more than 3.2 - 3.4 mm
    • Shimmers in many shades of gray from mouse gray to slate gray.
    • Melts creamy and tender on the tongue, pure caviar taste with a beautiful and delicate length in the finish

    Connoisseurs attach great importance to the large, firm grain and the creamy, delicate taste with a delicate finish. Treat yourself to a little luxury and enjoy the Beluga caviar for your very special occasions, also privately. A sensual delicacy at the highest level for you, your friends or family.


    Caviar production under the conditions of the wild caviar

    Our coveted Beluga caviar is imported directly from Iran. The animals swim there in an open breeding facility in the fresh sea water. This aquaculture almost completely mimics the living conditions of the wild caviar, so you can fully enjoy the original caviar taste. Your first choice for caviar enjoyment.

    The fish (Huso Huso) can live up to 100 years and then weigh up to 2 tons and a total length of 6 meters. Only when the fish is fully grown at the age of 25 is the harvested roe really mature and tasty. Due to the rare stocks and the excellent buttery taste, the Beluga caviar is the most expensive caviar on the caviar market.

  • Shelf life and ingredients of our Beluga caviar

    Our caviar is of course always impressive because of its consistent freshness. All of our sturgeon roe can be kept unopened in the refrigerator at 4 ° C for at least 6 weeks. When opened, the Beluga caviar can be kept in the refrigerator for approx. 1-2 days with the lid firmly pressed. Please note the sticker with the current use-by date on your can.

    During processing, the use of preservatives such as salt is reduced to the necessary minimum (2-3%). Our Beluga caviar tastes like pure caviar! You can find detailed information on the ingredients in the Ingredients and Nutritional Values section.

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