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Tuber Aestivum

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The Tuber Aestivum truffle is one of the most widespread truffle species in the world. In addition, it is a gourmet pleasure for the warm summertime. The "Summer Truffle" or, as in Piedmont also called "Scorzone", can be found in large parts of Europe between June and November, for example in Provence, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Albania, Hungary, occasionally in southern Germany and even in England.

The mushroom Tuber Aestivum is characterized in the ripe state by its very pleasant mushy, delicate and earthy fragrance. It is reminiscent of the aroma of porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts. With this truffle can z. B. fine egg dishes are prepared. This special type of truffle is also very compatible with spices, such as salt, pepper and garlic. One recognizes the summer truffle among others on its dull black skin. The Gleba (mushroom meat) is ivory white to beige with a fine white veining. Squirrels and other small mammals adore them. The behavior of these animals can be an orientation for exactly where to look for these truffles. Mammals living in caves, such as squirrels and some insects, participate in the truffle development process by spreading its spores.

There is currently no season for this truffle.

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