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The caviar originating from the "Acipenser Schrenckii - sturgeon" is considered among gourmets the noblest of the noble. Each plump and large-grained roe melts on the tongue and unfolds its mild, fine-nutty flavor.

Buttery-nutty taste.

Grain size: 2.8 - 3.0 mm.

Dark to light brown color.

Sturgeon caviar for connoisseurs.

Royal Select is our Malossol caviar for connoisseurs and connoisseurs

Royal Select is our caviar for connoisseurs. Like all our caviar types, it is prepared as poor salt as Malossol caviar. Royal Select is read out twice and only the best eggs are selected for our customers. Our Caviar Royal Select is characterized by:

  • Large, solid grain with 2.8 - 3.0 mm grain size

  • Dark to light brown color

  • Buttery-nutty taste


Our sturgeon caviar Malossol is made with many years of experience

The sturgeons that produce this caviar are crosses of Beluga (Huso Dauricus) and Ossietra (Acipenser Schrenkii) fish and combine the best characteristics of both sturgeon species in a caviar. We sell this mild sturgeon salt salt, hence the name Malossol caviar. The word Malossol comes from the Russian. "Malo" is translated with little, "Sol" with salt. Due to the salt-poor processing the original taste of caviar remains best possible.

A species-appropriate attitude is important to us and also guarantor for our top class caviar quality. Our sturgeon farm is a very extensive, natural lake landscape. They provide the animals with enough space and water. The sturgeon caviar breeding is supervised by our experienced Iranian caviar master with meanwhile 40 years of experience.


Shelf life and ingredients of our sturgeon caviar Malossol:

Of course, sturgeon roe from our company impresses with consistent freshness at all times. All our sturgeon caviar varieties are unopened in the refrigerator at 4 ° C for at least 8 weeks. Open the sturgeon roe in the refrigerator with firmly pressed lid for about 1-2 days. Please note the sticker with the current usage date on its box.

In processing, the use of preservatives such as e.g. Salt reduced to the necessary minimum (2-3%). Our sturgeon caviar Malossol tastes like pure caviar! For detailed information on the ingredients, see Ingredients and Nutrition Facts.

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Sonnenweg 144, 1140 Vienna 

Sonnenweg 144, 1140 Vienna 

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